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There is a long road to find Customers for your medical tourism company or a clinic, we are offering content management, marketing and customer support with one app.

If you don't know have to manage your ads, your budget for marketing will leak sooner than you think without any succes.

Impatient marketing ideas won't bring you huge income, many leads doesn't mean many customers.

How many leads could you manage with your current team? Will you hire many agents and wait for new leads?

Many Channels With One Page

Nowadays, every company uses Whatsapp Business but not all customers are using that channel

Emai, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, you could manage all channels with one app.


Would you throw a party without a plan? Well, you could, but it might not be as fun as if you were to take the time to hire a caterer, DJ and bouncy castle. And the same principle goes for your social media strategy. The more you think about what you post, the better the outcome. Creating a well thought out plan is the key to a social media presence that is consistent and effective across all platforms. A helpful way to structure your plan is by using PR framework

Know your audience

You can’t post relevant content if you don’t know who you’re posting it for. Make sure you learn about your audiences - whether it be through market research, social insights, creating personas, or social media listening/monitoring. Social media monitoring is basically stalking in the shadows waiting for those all-important whispers and gossip about your company. Listening to what’s being said about your business, industry or competitors across social media and the web helps you get to know your customers better and gives valuable insights into how your brand is perceived. These authentic, unbiased insights can finetune your targeting strategy.

Ensure your brand image is consistent

Your brand should always be reflected in the right way across every social media platform, and it’s important that these themes link with your overall branding strategy – including your website. In addition to visual aspects, it also includes things like tone, messaging and values. There are some great online tools to quickly and easily brand your social posts, such as Canva and Adobe Spark.

Business objectives

There is nothing worse than content for the sake of content. When you’re creating social media posts or thinking up campaigns, ask yourself – ‘how will it help the business?’ and ‘how will it help the viewer?’ If you can’t answer either of these questions, maybe you need to rethink your social media strategy!


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